21st November 2020

Saturday, Thirty Third Week in Ordinary Time,

The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Rev 11:4-12;  Ps 144:1-2,9-10; Lk 20:27-40

or Zec 2: 14-17;  Lk 1: 46-55; Mt 12: 46-50


The way we live and the philosophy (of life) that we believe in are closely connected. In order to justify that our way of living is the right and only way, we build beautiful arguments and justification. In the Gospel passage today, we have the Sadducees, most of whom were part of the governing class, trying to trap Jesus through a concocted story, to reassert their belief that there cannot be life after death. However, Jesus beautifully exposes the basic flaw in their argument.

Our beliefs and manner of living are inseparable. Our life bears testimony to our beliefs. The tongue might lie, but the life or character cannot, or at least not consistently. Human psychology is such that when we reap success, we do not want anyone else to share the spotlight; whereas, when we fail or are enslaved to a particular weakness, we want everyone to be like us. The Sadducees were sold to worldly values. They read the Scripture with the sole purpose of finding within it some justification or approval for their beliefs and their way of life. Hence, they criticised anyone who held belief in the resurrection.

Sometimes, Scripture, religion, and even God, are used as instruments to justify one’s misdeeds. Most often it is done by the powerful, the influential, and those in authority. As a result, not only are the simple people misled or disillusioned, even religion is corrupted and the concept and the knowledge of God takes on a negative connotation. Let us learn to accept our mistakes and unhealthy attachments instead of finding justification for them. That is the only way of overcoming them. Let us not become the reason for ridicule towards God and religion. After the example of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who remained constant in her dedication to the Lord, may we, who were also presented to the Lord on the day of our Baptism, strive to keep alive our dedication.

Responsorial Psalm: Blest be the Lord, my rock!

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