28th November 2020

Saturday, Thirty Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

Rev 22:1-7;  Ps 95:1-7; Lk 21:34-36


On the last day of the liturgical year, we are brought to reflect on the end. What does Jesus tell us about this ‘last day’? It’s coming is sure but unknown. Therefore, he asks…

That we be alert… The end is not important it will be as we live. We are called to live a fully human life, to live for God and others. Jesus warns us, “Be alert, for those who live for themselves selfishly indulging in sensual pleasures will live and die miserably.” To live full lives, Jesus offers us life in abundance; he is the vine, we the branches. The more attached we are to him the more his life will flow into us. How?

By praying… Prayer is a simple heartfelt conversation with a very dear friend/father/brother. Our God loves us so much that he is with us at all times waiting to pour his love into us that we may live fully. Prayer is simply to be with the one who, we know, loves us.

At all times… It is as between lovers; though oceans may separate them, they are always with each other – in mind and heart, no matter what they may be doing; and during those special set-aside moments, they lovingly converse. This is the meaning of praying at all times; setting aside a special time for God, whilst having him in mind and heart at every moment.

The COVID19 pandemic has affected the whole world, and more importantly, our life of Christian worship. Can we see here a God-given opportunity? The Israelites in exile had a similar feeling of spiritual deprivation when there was no Temple to go to, or priest to offer sacrifices for them. It was time for them to worship God in spirit and in truth, and to purify their worship. Is God asking the same from us – to relate with him as his children in the confines of our homes and our hearts, so that post-COVID19 our worship will be more sincere and true?

Responsorial Psalm: Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus!

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