1st December 2020

Tuesday, First Week of Advent;

Is 11:1-10;   Ps 72:1-2, 7-8, 12-13, 17;   Lk 10:21-24


From time immemorial man has sought wisdom, and, consequently, almost always, the wise have been held in high esteem. Innumerable people, such as scientists, philosophers, artists, etc. have spent their whole life in search of deciphering the secrets hidden in the universe. Quite a few in their search, have found things which they never anticipated. Some, through their investigations, were led them to God; while there are others who, at the end of their investigations, declared themselves as atheists or agnostics.

However sophisticated the laboratory or complex the instrument man might build, he can never prove the existence of God. Though the Creator “is not far from any one of us” (cf. Acts 17:27), he hides himself; and shows himself to those of humble heart alone. By the fact that he is not the object of our invention but that of our contemplation, does that mean that God is against our intelligence? Not at all. Rather, he desires that we search for him, that we seek him with all our hearts. However, our finite minds cannot grasp God who is infinite. Our effort in endeavouring to fully understand him and comprehend his ways through our intellect, can be compared to one’s effort in endeavouring to empty the sea into a small pot. That is why it is God who has to reveal himself. When this revelation is accepted with humility, the intellect of the person also gets enlightened.

We have stepped into the season of Advent, which is a preparatory time for the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Apart from the resurrection, this historical event of God taking on our human nature, i.e. the mystery of his incarnation, is the greatest revelation that is given to us. During this holy season, let us specially strive to keep open our hearts and minds that we might prepare for him a worthy dwelling place. Let the construction of the manger begin.

Responsorial Psalm:  In his days shall justice flourish, and great peace forever.

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