5th December 2020

Saturday, First Week of Advent

Is 30:19-21,23-26;    Ps 147:1-6;    Mt 9:35–10:1,5-8


The first reading, from the prophet Isaiah, tells us of the promise of God for his people; a promise full of mercy and compassion. God, who is transcendent, who is above and beyond anything we understand, shows his love and concern for the smallest details in the lives of his people who were unfaithful. He assures them that he will guide them and heal their wounds. This promise of God was completely fulfilled in the person of his own son, Jesus Christ. The love of God flowed from the heart of Jesus, when he went about preaching and teaching the Good News, healing the sick and casting out demons. Jesus felt compassion for the people when he saw their suffering and helplessness. He sent out his own apostles to preach the Good News to the house of Israel, and after his resurrection, to the whole world, by conferring on them the same authority of healing and exorcism.

Now, he sends each one of us on the same mission. This we need to do in and through our specific life vocation. The present situation of the pandemic has limited most of our external activities, but it has given us an opportunity to dive deep within ourselves. When we take care of our interior self, we also proclaim the Gospel simultaneously – being faithful even in less important things, showing love and care to all those around us even when it is difficult, not giving up when we encounter our own weaknesses, etc. The grace of God is always available to people of good will.

We have a beautiful example in St. Therese of the Child Jesus, who preached the Gospel by being faithful in small things in the cloister. The love with which she did these small acts broke through the cloister walls to the whole world. Let us make her words our own: “I cannot be downcast since in everything that happens to me, I see the loving hand of Jesus.

Responsorial Psalm: Blessed are all those who wait for the Lord.

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