9th December 2020

Wednesday, Second Week of Advent;

Is 40:25-31;   Ps 103:1-4,8,10;   Mt 11:28-30


Come to me,” the Lord invites all of us who labour and are overburdened, so that we can find rest in him. Many philosophers and spiritual writers believe that the soul is enslaved in the body and because of the cravings of the body the soul continuously suffers, and feels overburdened. Though the object of the soul is God, i.e. to be united with God, because of its slavery in the body, it feels burdened, and helpless.

St. John of the Cross in the Living Flame of Love states: “Wipe away, O spiritual soul, the dust, hairs, and stains, and cleanse your eye; and the bright sun will illumine you, and you will see clearly. Pacify the soul, draw it out, and liberate it from the yoke and slavery of its own weak operation, which is the captivity of Egypt (amounting to not much more than gathering straws for baking bricks) (cf. Ex 5:7-19).

” We all carry a yoke of slavery – an unending slavery. And because of our labouring in sin, a lot of dust, waste, and dark stains gather in the soul. We need to wipe them away so that we can lessen our burden, as John of the Cross says, we need to liberate our soul from the yoke of slavery.

Then, we have to carry the yoke of Jesus Christ. The yoke is used to lessen the burden, and the yoke of Christ lessens the burden in three ways: Firstly, it is light compared to yoke of the slavery. Secondly, like every other yoke, it presupposes that the burden is shared, which means our burden is reduced by half. Thirdly, it is Jesus who is on the other side of the yoke. With Jesus, our burden is no more heavy. Let us cast off the yoke of slavery and take upon the yoke of Christ.

Responsorial Psalm: Bless the Lord, O my soul

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