10th December 2020

Thursday, Second Week of Advent;

Is 41:13-20;   Ps 145:1,9-13;   Mt 11:11-15


The first reading from Isaiah epitomises the inspiring prophetic witness to the coming of God in Christ. Isaiah’s prophecy that God never leaves his people, is a message to every generation, to all who feel overwhelmed by the various forces that threaten us: responsibilities of life, health, socio-political issues and spiritual temptations. All that matters is to retain our faith in God’s promises of his presence with us, of his power and of his love for us. God never abandons his people. But, do we believe that we are his people?

In Advent, we are called to be part of a New Exodus, to remember Christ’s first coming and anticipate his Parousia, celebrating the journey of faith. We need to allow God, through Christ his son, to lead us forth in joy and confidence to the kingdom, into a complete transformation. The God of all creation wants to work in our lives; he wants to change our deserts into fruitful lands; he wants water to spring forth from parched lands. The responsorial psalm exhorts us to respond to the God of great kindness, patience, compassion, mercy and might, by praising him and committing to him our entire being.

John’s preeminent greatness lies in his function of announcing the imminence of the kingdom (cf. Mt 3:1). But to be in the kingdom is so great a privilege, that the least who receives it, is greater than the Baptizer. The opponents of Jesus are trying to prevent people from accepting the kingdom and to snatch it away from those who have received it. John the Baptist is the Elijah who was to return. Jesus too sets his seal on this witness. What other prophets foretold, John could actually see, and point out to others: “There is the Lamb of God”. Like John the Baptist, we are called to be penitent and purified, and to proclaim the kingdom. We are called to be consumed with hunger for Jesus. For, only the Lord himself can completely fill our emptiness.

Responsorial Psalm: The Lord is kind and full of compassion, slow to anger, abounding in mercy

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