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SATURDAY AFTER EPIPHANY, 9th January 2021 1 Jn 5: 14-21; Ps 149: 1-6, 9; Jn 3: 22-30


C.S. Lewis says, “True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” The modern world with its technological advancements tends to promote a self-centred lifestyle. The present selfie culture does not encourage a movement out of oneself towards the other. One can be so obsessed with self that the presence of the other itself is forgotten. In this process, the true meaning of the humility is destroyed.

John the Baptist had the courage and humility to say that he was not the Messiah, and instead, pointed his fingers to Jesus, declaring, “there is the Messiah.” It was possible for him who was enjoying much fame among his people at that time, to publicly declare that he was a nobody before the as yet unknown Jesus, as John was honest to himself about who he was. He knew by thinking himself less he was neither a liar nor a loser. He was being true to himself and his mission. St Teresa of Avila describes humility as “walking in truth.” She said: “God is the supreme Truth; and we have nothing good but only misery and nothingness. Whoever does not understand this, walks in falsehood” (Interior Castle VI 10,7).

In today’s Gospel we see how John compares his joy to the joy of the bridesmaid. This joy is a joy of contentment, that is founded on a true knowledge of self, and is the fruit of living according to that knowledge. Thus, true humility is a genuine walking in truth before God, neighbour and oneself that brings forth joy. It is a laying down of our lives before our God and the world with no mask or agenda. As we reflect on John’s life today, let us pray for the grace of a genuine self-knowledge so that we are able to think of ourselves less, as he did. May we walk on the path God has ordained for us, neither getting ahead of ourselves nor lagging behind, and without a desire for a detour.

Responsorial Psalm: The Lord takes delight in his people.

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