What Does 'Many are Called but Few are Chosen' Actually Mean?

11th January 2021


 Heb 1: 1-6; Ps 97: 1-2, 6-7, 9 Mk 1: 14-20.


On completing high school, Michael had applied to a couple of the country’s top universities to pursue his further studies. In the days that followed, he waited intently for a phone ring, an email notification, or the doorbell, acutely alert to anything that would bring him a step closer to fulfilling his dreams!

In the Gospel of today, Jesus invites Peter, Andrew, James and John to follow him. He begins his ministry by recruiting this team of young people. Little did they know that two thousand years later, they would still be remembered as the founders of the world’s largest congregation of believers, the team members of the Son of God himself.

Jesus called them as he calls us today, not only to enjoy his friendship but to also share in his mission. If we are keenly tuned in and alert to his calling, we will see the many instances in our lives where the Lord has already placed us in an opportune position to say ‘yes’. We have to focus on what stops us – is it our own notion of our limitations and feelings of insignificance, or our lack of faith in God’s providence? Once we identify these seemingly persistent obstacles, we have to pray and get them out of the way. It will then be much easier for us to hear God’s call and respond in accordance to his will.

We have already taken our first series of steps through the sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, Holy Eucharist, and Confirmation in furthering our journey in the life of discipleship. We are now eligible for the next level of Christian responsibility – personal mission. The question of importance is, are we ready to be recruited by our God Most High? Are our plans for our vocation in alignment with his will for our lives? Are we waiting, as eagerly as Michael, for his call? “Do not forget that when the Lord calls, he also provides the necessary strength and grace to answer his call.” (St John Paul II).

Responsorial Psalm: Worship God, all you angels

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