Mountain of the Lord 2015 Recommend Holder - Deseret Book

22nd January 2021, 


Heb 8: 6-13

Ps 85: 8, 10-14

Mk 3: 13-19


Such is the magnificence of a mountain, that it has been used symbolically in Scripture, as a place where God appears and reveals himself. Reaching the heights of a mountain would mean being closer to God, as he dwells in the heavens. The land of Israel is dotted with several mountains, and the events of high significance, like God giving the Ten Commandments to Moses and Elijah’s sacrifice proving that the true God, took place on them. The temple of Jerusalem also stands on a mountain.

Today on a mountain, another noteworthy event takes place, Jesus chooses his 12 apostles. Out of all the places, he chose a place where hardly any people gather! The plausible reason for choosing a place like this would be that its environment, being coarse, would attract only those few who brave themselves to face such conditions. Another reason could be that Jesus may have walked all the way up into the mountain, and the people who followed him did not back away even when he chose to go there. These would be the men who would stay put in the Lord’s journey even in his absence. Lastly, the mountain is a place which has a setting ideal for intense prayer, or rather, a place where one can gaze at the radiant face of God.

These men desired to witness to the truth. Jesus led them there and chose them to preach, to drive away demons, and most essentially, to be with him. This event thus has great significance for all of us as we too are asked to be with the Lord. But we have to reach the peak of the mountain, which is simply understood as the journey in prayer which ends in being chosen by God to be with him! “Let us go forth to see ourselves in thy beauty, to the mountain and the hill!” (St John of the Cross, SC 36).

Responsorial Psalm: Merciful love and faithfulness have met.

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