27th January 2021


WEDNESDAY, Memorial of Saints Timothy and Titus, Bishops (India)

2 Tim 1:1-8 or Tit 1:1-5;

Ps 96:1-3,7-8,10;

Mk 4:1-20


The gospel text of Mark is taken from what is known as ‘The Parable Discourse’ that is used to illustrate the power of God’s Word. The parable of the sower begins and ends with the word ‘listen’. As Christ’s disciples, we are invited to not only listen to the word of Jesus, but to apply his word in our lives as well, allowing it to nourish us, so that we may grow in Christian maturity. A path, rocky ground, and thorns are the three areas where the seed falls and does not bear fruit as it should. The harvest is described as thirty, sixty and a hundredfold. What do we sow today in people’s hearts?

Mark draws our attention to the love of the Father who is the sower. In spite of our sinfulness, he continues to sow his word so that it bears fruit in our life. The focus of the parable is on the fruit that God’s word produces. Jesus continues to invite us to stay focused on his word, to listen to it. If we open our hearts and minds and allow Jesus’ word to bear fruit in our lives, we will find the harvest, the opportunities and the invitation to share in his divine life.

Today, faced with the pandemic and the difficulties that exist in our families and communities, many of us tend to get discouraged. The parable of the sower encourages us in our times of despair and darkness. We need to stay focused on the good harvest. We need to see the rich yield and keep our faith in Jesus and his word which will achieve the end for which he was sent, just like in the time of the prophet Isaiah, when blindness and darkness surrounded God’s people at that time (cf Is 55:10- 11). We are invited not to ever lose heart but to keep our hope in God. Today, as the Lord speaks to me, will I listen to his voice, or harden my heart?

Responsorial Psalm: Tell among all the peoples the wonders of the Lord.

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