29th January 2021

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Heb 10: 32-39;

Ps 37: 3-6,23-24,39-40;

Mk 4: 26-34


The technological developments of today have made ‘waiting’ an outdated way of living. The online payment of our bills, transfer of money, purchasing of groceries and clothing without leaving our homes at lightning speed has rendered the virtue of patience obsolete.

As a result, our ability for waiting patiently has been compromised. This has also affected our spiritual awareness of God moving slowly and imperceptibly, to draw us into a deeper relationship with him. In today’s Gospel, Jesus narrates two brief parables that illustrate this point.

In the parable of the seed, the farmer who plants the seed knows the technique of planting it, and how to wait in patience for it to grow. However, he does not know whether the soil, the rain, the sun, and the seed have the potency to make the plant grow until it bears fruit. This is how the kingdom of God is. It is a process of growth that takes place in time and produces fruit at the right moment, but nobody knows its mysterious force, except God! In the parable of the mustard seed, the seed itself is small, but the tree grows large, to the extent that birds make nests in its branches. This is how the kingdom is. Its beginnings are often small, but as it grows, it extends its branches far and wide.

These parables are taken from the life of the people, and in this way, Jesus helped them discover the things of God in daily life. In the parables, they received the key to open the mysteries of God’s work and will. The truths behind the imageries of the farmer planting the seeds and of the mustard seed draw us into a deeper relationship with God. To be a contemplative, we must see ourselves as the seeds that God has planted to grow and bloom into the most beautiful of all his creation. God wants us to slow down, to spend some time in silence and solitude, and to open our hearts to his presence within us.

Responsorial Psalm: From the Lord comes the salvation of the just.

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