30th January 2021

What Does God's Presence Feel Like? - LHSDA Blog


Heb 11: 1-2, 8-19;

Lk 1: 69-75;

Mk 4: 35-41


The disciples were in a miserable and dangerous situation as they crossed the stormy sea at night. Therefore, it was only quite natural to be disturbed. Yet, the Master questioned them, “Where is your faith?” Jesus was questioning the strength of their faith in the power of the one who is with them. The very purpose of the disciples’ journey with the Lord was evangelization. They travelled with Jesus and for Jesus. However, the external circumstances turned to be unfavourable and often dangerous. As they thought that they were perishing in the rocking boat despite Jesus being with them, so also in life, they often forgot that the one whom they were following is the creator of heaven and earth. Sometimes, they even grumbled at his indifference to their situation. Jesus woke up and responded to the prayer of the disciples; he stilled the sea and calmed the wind. The intervention of the Master brought dramatic changes in the forces of nature. Then, Jesus ventured to bring a greater change in the hearts of his followers. Jesus asked two life-transforming questions to the disciples: “Why are you so frightened? Where is your faith?”

Where is God? Why is he not answering? People question God especially while facing realities humanly impossible to handle, like the present pandemic and the struggles associated with it. There will be turbulent times especially when we journey with Jesus and live for him. Even the good works done with the best of intentions might be opposed. Our life itself may, at times, be in danger when trying to live whole heartedly for the sake of Christ’s mission. Today, the Lord teaches us what it takes to face the seemingly disastrous winds and waves that come our way while living a life for him – an awareness of his presence coupled with a strong faith in his power. The invitation of the gospel is to trust in the power and providence of God in all circumstances.

Responsorial Psalm: Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, for he has visited his people.

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