1st February 2021

You are precious in God's eyes. | You are precious, Prayers for healing,  Daughters of the king


Heb 11: 32-40

Ps 31: 20-24

Mk 5: 1-20


Generally, we love and treat others as we love and treat ourselves. If we treat others harshly it is a sign that in the core of our being, we do not love ourselves. In the Gospel of today, we have three different approaches to treating others.

a. In the first place we see the devil or the unclean spirits confining a man to live amidst the tombs. The unclean spirits saw to it that man was made unfit to live with others. Under the influence of these spirits the man not only hurt others, but bruised himself as well. For all practical purposes, he had ceased to be a human being.

b. In the second place we see the selfishness of the people of the place. They had no feelings of sympathy for the man suffering so grievously; rather, they were upset that they had lost the herd of swine, and asked Jesus to leave their town!

c. Lastly, we see Jesus: as soon as he saw the possessed man, he desired to set him free and ordered the unclean spirits to come out of him. In permitting the evil spirits to enter the herd of swine that eventually get destroyed by jumping into the sea, Jesus’ preference is very clear: even two thousand swine are no comparison against the exalted value of one human being. Man is not only more precious than many sparrows (Mt 10:31), he is even more valuable than thousands of swine!

We need to measure our self-worth not from the perspective of others, nor from our qualifications or wealth amassed, but from the perspective of God. He found us worthy of dying for. The crucifix testifies to the worth of each human being. That is why St Paul writes, “you are not your own, for you have been redeemed at infinite cost.” (1 Cor 6:20). May we be able to see our worth as well as that of others through the eyes of God.

Responsorial Psalm: Be strong, let your heart take courage, all who hope in the Lord.

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