1st March 2021

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Reading 1: Dan 9:4-10 We hear a national act of sorrow by the people of God for their having violated their covenant and rebelled against God and his commandments.

Gospel: Lk 6:36-38 Jesus pleads with his followers for compassion, pardon, and generosity towards all peoples.


There are things that obstruct, and those that facilitate. When faced with difficult challenges, if people around us encourage or assist us, then the achievement of that task becomes much easier. On the other hand, when faced with a relatively easy challenge, if the people around us discourage or hinder us, then achieving it becomes a lot more difficult. Forgiving and loving those who have hurt us, who have back-stabbed us – especially if they are close – is very difficult. However, if the person shows genuine repentance and asks for mercy, then the process of forgiveness becomes easier. But if the person does not show any remorse nor bothers to apologize, then forgiving becomes very difficult, if not impossible.

Not judging others, not condemning others, forgiving, generously giving and then being merciful like the Heavenly Father is what Jesus requires of his followers in today’s Gospel. Certainly, these precepts are not easy to practice. The first reading presents Daniel pleading God for mercy and forgiveness. Instead of accusing God of injustice, he accuses himself and his own people for the punishment that God has inflicted upon them. That should be the attitude of the one who cries to God for help.

Today, many Christians have become experts in accusing others and excusing themselves even in the confessional! As a result, for them to forgive others and to be forgiven by others, seems an impossible and, sometimes, an irrational act. May we become experts in excusing others and accusing ourselves when we do wrongs. Let not our compassion, forgiveness, and generosity be based on nature of others but on the nature of our Heavenly Father whose merciful love for us endures forever. Let us also help others to forgive us by expressing our genuine repentance, and to be generous, by sincerely expressing our gratefulness.

Responsorial Psalm: Ps 79:8,9,11,13 O Lord, do not treat us according to our sins.

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