3rd March 2021

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On this day when Jesus lays in the sepulchre, we stand alongside Mary his mother, the other women who stood by his cross, and the eleven disciples, all left to their grief because of the events of Good Friday. What a rush of emotions they must have all experienced as they confronted the reality of the death of their Lord and Master. Some of us have gone through a similar experience at the death of a loved one. Let us try to place ourselves among them on this ‘Holy’ Saturday. Today, we are in mourning at the cruel suffering and death of the Lord. We have lost our beloved; deep sadness envelopes us. We are not comfortable with it, but we walk through these hours and look for an end to our sadness for a brighter day.

Theologians speak of Holy Saturday as mirroring God’s creative spirit when he “rested” on the seventh day. We rest too as creatures who have been buffeted by the “work” of Jesus in his final Paschal meal, a precursor to his own experiences on Good Friday. Holy Saturday is the only day in the liturgical calendar that has no celebration of the Eucharist or a communion service. We find ourselves missing his presence, and we acknowledge it so that we can actively rest in the fact that he is truly lost to us in death. The end of his life is now a reality to be received and loved, because we love and cherish his presence so dearly. How blessed are we in the person of Jesus – God, and man here on earth, for us! The Easter season calls us to joy and peace in the favour of God. Let us hear that call, and respond with a ready and willing heart to God’s incredible goodness in the person of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Thank you, Father for the light that you shine on us through the life, death and resurrection of your beloved son.

Thank you, Jesus, for the wonders of your presence, as you poured out your life for us and invite us into your wonderful light. Thank you, Spirit, for keeping us aware of that goodness and grace, as we grow in faith, hope, and love through Jesus, as your new people born to a new life in your Paschal Mystery

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