8th April 2021

From the side of Christ


Reading 1: Acts 3:11-26 Following his cure of the lame man, Peter attributes it all to Jesus, who, he claims, fulfills all the messianic prophecies of Scripture.

Gospel: Lk 24: 35-48 Jesus appears to his apostles, proves his reality by eating a piece of fish, and then explains how Scripture foretold his death and resurrection.


The gospel passage of today narrates what takes place after the encounter of the two disciples with Jesus on the road to Emmaus, and their experience at the breaking of the bread. They returned to Jerusalem that very night to tell the disciples who were gathered there about their encounter with the risen Lord. Let us reflect on three aspects of that narration:

Jesus is made known in the breaking of the bread: The disciples narrate how they recognized Jesus in the breaking of the bread. Luke’s intention in mentioning this event, is not solely to record an appearance of the risen Lord. He also wishes to teach us about the Holy Eucharist; it is the same Jesus, risen from the dead, that is present in the Eucharist today as he was that evening with those disciples on the way to Emmaus.

Peace be with you: Jesus promised his disciples his peace. He unfailingly gives his peace to each one of us. It is not the peace that this world provides; rather, it is a lasting peace, an eternal peace, a peace that cannot be overcome or subjugated, destroyed or taken away. He gives, but we must receive. And in receiving, we must, in turn, give it to others. We need to remind ourselves constantly of his presence and his gift of peace. As often as we find ourselves wrought with tensions, worries and fears, we must go to Jesus, who can fill us with peace despite the storms.

You are witnesses: Jesus still needs witnesses today. Many are ignorant about the saviour of the world. Thus, the onus is on us, to show to the world who Jesus is. We, who have been baptised, have the privilege and the responsibility to share with others the good news of God’s love and his promise of salvation in the person of his son, Jesus Christ. In doing so, we become witnesses to his real presence, i.e. the transforming power of the holy Eucharist.

Responsorial Psalm: Ps 8: 2, 5-9 O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name through all the earth!

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