19th JUNE 2021

Matthew ‭6:33‬ ‭NKJV‬ But seek first the kingdom of God and His  righteousness, and all these things s… | Scripture pictures, Prayer  scriptures, Scripture verses



2 Cor 12:1-10;                       Ps 34:8-13;                 Mt 6:24-34 19




Worrying stems from our awareness of the vagaries of life and cannot be completely banished from our minds. Parents worry about their children. Young people worry about their future. Jesus today invites us to detach ourselves from material goods and wants, and be more trusting, as are the birds and the wildflowers. Jesus demonstrates that the Jews had lost their focus, taken an easier way, mistaken the value of their gift from God and thus placed short-term expediency over long-term growth. They neither were other-directed nor focused on the Lord, and were rather self-directed and focused on self.

Jesus challenges His listeners to live more simply, less acquisitively, more spiritually. He encourages us to be more faith-filled and less troubled by the things we are powerless to change. Our discomfort and worry, should remind us that the blessings we enjoy may also become our roadblocks to live a life in harmony with God. Jesus knows us well, for much of our time is spent worrying. War or economic struggle leaves us precarious. But even peace and prosperity do not stop the brain from sounding alarms about what might occur. We may mistake this vigilance for virtue.

What Jesus is calling us to do today is, what the people of Israel did not do, that is to be in tune with God, to synchronize our actions with the life that God calls us to live, to detach ourselves from things that do not matter and to help God do the things that need to be done to bring about the Kingdom of God here on earth.

The promise of Jesus is something we all need: laity, priests, bishops, and religious: “Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given you besides.” Relying on this powerful word of God, together we can rebuild and renew our church as the universal sacrament of salvation.

Response: Taste and see that the Lord is good

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