30th JUNE 2021

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Gen 21:5,8-20            Ps 34:7-8,10-13                      Mt 8:28-34



Today’s gospel passage gives us four points for reflection.

Salvation is for all: Jesus did not limit himself solely to the Jews; he went even to the gentile region of the Gadarenes to preach the Gospel. He was for all. Today, how great is our enthusiasm to take the gospel to the people who have not even heard the name of Jesus? Do we even consider whether we have opportunities to witness to Christ in our daily life?

Questioning the authority of the son of God is the devil’s work: The demoniacs asked Jesus: “Why are you interfering with us? Have you come to destroy us before the time?” He was trying to tell Jesus to go away. The work of the devil from the very beginning has been to question the authority of God. In fact, they became fallen angels because they refused to accept divine authority. The devil continues to tempt humankind to disobey God and question even the truths that he has revealed, enshrined in the articles of faith.

The devil strives to disrupt the Lord’s mission: The demoniacs thought up an evil plan to disrupt the Lord’s mission in that region. Knowing that the people would react unfavourably to the loss of their property, the pigs, they begged to be sent into them. All through history, up until today, the devil relentlessly tries to disrupt the mission with his vile tricks and cunning plans. Are we constantly vigilant, through prayer and meditation on Scripture, to recognize the crafty temptations of the evil one?

The people choose wealth over salvation: The people were afraid of losing their wealth. They were least bothered about the healing that took place of one of their own; they were more concerned about the pigs they had lost. They asked the Light of the World to leave their country. They would rather live with the devil in darkness than lose their wealth. Will you continue to prefer Christ even when you lose something because of him?

Response: The lowly one called, and the Lord heard him.

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