6th JULY 2021

Giáo dân truyền giáo



Gen 32:22-32;                        Ps 17:1-3,6-8,15;                    Mt 9:32-38




When we do something good, do we expect a gesture of appreciation? Does it disappoint or discourage us if no one seems to have noticed, or worse, if there is criticism instead?


Today’s gospel begins with Jesus healing a man who could not talk because he had a demon. When Jesus healed him, the people exclaimed that they had never seen anything like this in Israel before, but the Pharisees said that it was the chief of demons that gave him authority to drive out demons. Blindness, deafness or dumbness can have a spiritual connotation too. The Pharisees in the Gospel represent such spiritual dumbness. They did not want to see the good works of the Lord nor listen to and understand his teaching. All they did was criticize him and try to prove him wrong.


Jesus’ message for us today is to continue doing good for the greater glory of God, even at the cost of our own. We find later in the gospel, Jesus was moved with pity for the crowd, for they were like a scattered flock of sheep. He felt compassion towards the people he taught and healed for he knew that their hearts were lost, burdened and broken, and they were yearning for the love of God – much like so many in the world today.


Jesus wants us to be his helpers in the work of establishing the kingdom where God’s love reigns. This is his call, his invitation extended to us right from the time of our baptism. To answer this call, we first need to feel within us the surpassing love of God showered upon us through his son Jesus. We are labourers in the vineyard of the Lord as we participate in God’s work of salvation. Let us pray to be able to listen carefully and understand clearly the unique and personal message that God wants us to share with the world. Let us pray for the strength to be instruments of peace and bearers of mercy as we go about the Lord’s mission of building God’s kingdom.


Response: In justice I shall behold your face.

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