8th JULY 2021

Freely you have received; freely give. | Daily Bible Readings


Gen 44:18-21,23-29;45:1-5;              Ps 105:16-21;                         Mt 10:7-15




In today’s Gospel, Jesus continues his instruction to his disciples. He tells them that they should proclaim that the kingdom of heaven is close at hand. Jesus empowers the disciples to cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, and drive out demons. He then goes on to instruct them to travel lightly. They are not to take any money, extra clothing, or sandals with them. Jesus calls them to trust in the generosity of the people they will be serving. They are to trust and believe that what they need will be provided for them.

One might be inclined to wonder if the disciples were amazed, surprised, or anxious when they heard Jesus’ instructions. But a more appropriate response would be to reflect on our reaction. For, along with the command to witness to the gospel that Jesus gives to every Christian, is also the call to trust the Lord in this endeavour, and not our capacities and strengths. How have we reacted when we have felt inspired to do something that, according to us, was beyond our capacity; for example, to help a person in need in a way that goes beyond our ‘charity budget,’ or to give our time to someone in need of someone’s company, and that disturbs our schedule, or to share another’s pain when we ourselves are dealing with a heavy burden?

When Jesus commissions, he also provides us with enough grace to undertake the task. If we are too concentrated on our own capacities, measuring our responses to his inspirations solely by them, we will fail to recognize the extra graces of that day and miss out on the blessings that come with being good and doing good for the Lord. Therefore, let us be alert to the Lord’s inspirations, and trusting in his grace, venture to respond to them as best we can. As we give more of ourselves, we shall find ourselves being filled – with joy, peace and every kind of grace.

Response: Remember the wonders the Lord has done.

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