15th JULY 2021

Take My Yoke


Memorial of St Bonaventure

Ex 3:13-20;                Ps 105:1,5,8-9,24-27;                         Mt 11:28-30




God reveals himself to Moses, and through Moses, to the whole of Israel. God knows everything that we are going through – the joys, the sorrows, the difficulties within and around us. He will deliver us and bring us to the land where milk and honey flow. Are we ready to be led by God?

“Those who are bearers of the Spirit of God are led to the Word, that is to the Son; and the Son takes them and presents them to the Father and the Father confers incorruptibility. So, without the Spirit there is no seeing the Word of God, and without the Son there is no approaching the Father. For the Son is knowledge of the Father, and knowledge of the Son is through the Holy Spirit.” (St Irenaeus)

In the gospel, Jesus invites us to come to him, to share in his communion with God, promising rest for our souls. What is our response to this invitation? Are we ready for an encounter with the living God, to learn from him to be his disciples? He is meek and humble of heart. But is his yoke easy and burden light? Did not the master come to proclaim a paradox? He teaches us to accept the blessedness of the poor, the hungry, and the persecuted. He shows us the wisdom of avoiding grave sin at the cost of such sacrifices, as of an eye, a hand or a foot. Is that an easy yoke and a light burden?

Those who accept his invitation and come to him, enjoy a peace that surpasses all understanding. Even in his trials, the believer experiences joy. He knows the joy of giving himself without reserve to God and neighbour. The worldly man does not possess himself; he is possessed by his riches, his ambitions, his passions and his worries. But the one who believes, is in full possession of himself, because he possesses himself in God. He knows the joy of giving joy to Jesus and his neighbour.


Response: The Lord remembers his covenant forever.

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