27th JULY 2021

Pondering with the Padre: Are You a Wheat or a Weed?



Ex 33:7-11, 34:5-9,28;                       Ps 103:6-13;               Mt 13:36-43



In the first reading, God invites us to live a covenantal life in Christ. He reveals himself as the Lord, “a God of tenderness and compassion, slow to anger, rich in kindness and faithfulness.” Our mission is to model our life to that of this God of ours, avoiding instead, comparing ourselves to others. In this way we can fully focus our attention on following Jesus and learning to live and love like him.

Today’s gospel contains the interpretation of the parable of the weeds. Jesus leaves the crowds and goes into the house to explain its meaning to his disciples. In the interpretation, our attention is drawn to the weeds and the final judgement. Jesus, the divine sower, sows good seed in the field, which is the world. As explained by Jesus, good and evil coexist in the world. The evil one is opposed to those who follow the values of Jesus and relentlessly strives to lead them astray. It is he who is responsible for sowing the darnel. The darnel may not be easily distinguished from the wheat; people can get confused and tempted.

In the present age, it may appear that the wicked seem to prosper and the righteous suffer. The ambiguity of such a situation is temporary and will be brought to a close at the end of the age. The world is moving towards a goal that God has determined. At the end of time there will be a separation of the good and the wicked along with the corresponding reward each deserves. Matthew’s message is a warning to those who reject the message of Christ. To the Christian community, it is an encouragement and an exhortation to stay faithful to Christ till the end. The community must work at all times to bring back those who have gone astray. God’s judgement awaits those who reject his offer of salvation. How do I react to those who do evil around me? What do I do when I see someone gradually going astray?

Response: The Lord is compassionate and gracious.

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