17th AUGUST 2021

Prayers of Confession on Your Relationship with God – The Pastor's Workshop



Jgs 6:11-24;                Ps 85:9, 11-14;                       Mt 19:23-30 17



The ultimate end of man is to know, love, serve God and enjoy eternal life with him forever. And God wants to share with us this eternal life. It is a gift from God. It is a great thing, in truth, to “give up everything”, but greater “to follow Christ”. Following Christ is our task, our work. In that consists the main part of man’s salvation, but we cannot follow Christ if we do not leave behind everything which hinders us.

Today we live in a competitive and consumeristic world, where one strives to be better and richer than the other. People are so preoccupied and anxious about accumulating material wealth, amassing larger resources and reaching greater heights, so much so that, God is pushed out of their life. The Source and sustainer of all that is good, God, finds no place in the hearts and minds of such people. Jesus helps us realize through the gospel today, that we need to discover, maintain and hold on to the Lord as the Supreme Treasure of our life, considering all other riches and achievements as flowing from his mercy. We need to recognize in them, the duty to share them with all especially the needy and the disadvantaged.

Material goods and other riches in themselves are not unholy. But, the danger lies in our relationship with them. He who is high and powerful is vulnerable to the temptation of thinking himself to be God. He who is wealthy is vulnerable to the temptation of forgetting his need for God. Greater the gifts given, greater the spiritual vigilance and humility required.

Thus, Jesus tells us that it would be hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven, because, like power and authority, so does money and wealth corrupt and make a man foolish. Many have refused to follow Jesus because it meant giving up a particular relationship, and others, like the rich man, because they would lose their position and their means of wealth. What about you?

Response: The Lord speaks of peace for his people.

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