18th AUGUST 2021

Gospel Reflection - Mt 20:1-16 - The last will be first - Wednesday, Week 20  in Ordinary Time - YouTube



Jgs 9:6-15;                  Ps 21:2-7;                   Mt 20:1-16



The journey from certainty to trust defines our Christian life. And, considering the tenacity of our natural human desire to be certain, to be secure, to know, to control, this journey is often a Via Crucis. For, to live life without the certainty of our destination or the fruits of our labour, is to walk in the dark with a lamp that shows only little of the way ahead. Such is the journey of trust. Such is the path that is drawn by God for those who wish to follow his will – a path that has for its light, neither the knowledge of the goal nor the understanding of the purpose, but trust in a God who loves us and does everything for our good. “You go to my vineyard too, and I will give you a fair wage.” On this trust, the labourers worked for the landowner. They had no assurance of a fixed wage, nor the certainty of how fair the landowner was. But they trusted and went. And they were paid more than they deserved.

There are times, however, that God does reveal the goal, and provides an understanding of his purpose. In such moments, we know what God wants from us, we understand what a decision to follow his path entails. And, with goodwill, we make the decision. But, like those workers who grumbled: “the men who came last have done only one hour, and you have treated them the same as us, though we have done a heavy day’s work.”, there is a danger of replacing the light of trust with this kind of knowledge and understanding. What happens then? Trust takes a back seat and slowly fades away. The labourers depended so much on their knowledge and understanding of what is right and just, that they turned against the one who was gracious enough to provide them work. They thought they knew the whole way because they knew and understood some part of it. In the journey of life, even though we may attain great knowledge, great understanding, great wisdom, there is only one sure light that guides us on the path of God’s will – trust in him.

Response: In your strength, O Lord, the king rejoices.

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