19th AUGUST 2021

The Chosen Man — Steemit


Jgs 11:29-39;              Ps 40:5, 7-10;                         Mt 22:1-14 19




The Jewish religious leaders considered it their birthright to be among God’s chosen, which made them arrogant and discriminatory towards others. But Jesus took it upon himself to correct their wrong perception and show that belonging to God’s chosen people was a gracious gift to be accepted in humble gratitude. With this background, Jesus tells the parable narrated in the gospel today.

Through the parable of the Wedding Feast, Jesus wants to emphasize that God had first chosen the people of Israel as his own, but they rejected such a gracious invitation by turning away from him. Since that rejection, God extended the invitation to all, even to those living in the periphery of society and to sinners, who gladly accepted it. But even while extending this invitation, God required that everyone have faith and believe in the one he has sent, in order to be saved and share in the heavenly wedding feast.

Through baptism, we are invited to belong to God’s chosen race and become his children. By becoming his children, we share in his divine life. This is, without doubt, a gracious gift of God, which none of us deserves. But God insists on certain requirements before he welcomes anyone into his kingdom. We are to be dressed in proper garments, i.e., be transformed into Christ if we are to be part of God’s wedding feast.

The gospel of today serves as a reminder to all of us who take things for granted, especially in the spiritual realm. Just like the wedding guests who rejected the invitation of the king because of other things that they held as more important, so too we may miss out on God’s invitation to belong to him by being busy with our own worldly affairs. God desires to invite us all into his kingdom. Are we ready to let go of ‘our things’ and be clothed in God’s love?

Response: See, I have come, Lord, to do your will.

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