25th AUGUST 2021


Memorial of St Mary of Jesus Crucified, Virgin


1 Thes 2:9-13;            Ps 139:7-12;               Mt 23:27-32



The words of the responsorial psalm speak of the all-knowing God. God’s eyes can look into our hearts and read us like a book. He not only knows what we have done and said; he knows when we have rejected and opposed him, and when we have appealed to him for mercy and healing. He knows whether we truly love Him. The world around us judges us for what they see but God judges us for what he wants us to be.

Jesus continues to challenge the Pharisees who put on an external show of religious perfection down to the tiniest detail. However, they were filled with pride within, and contempt for their fellow men. We can all fall into the same trap and sometimes see ourselves as being at a higher level of spirituality and holiness. The love that Jesus had for the salvation of the Pharisees and scribes prompted him to challenge them to think differently about how they lived from day to day. He challenged them to look at what was going on in their inner selves, the part of themselves they hid from the other, and indeed, from themselves. They could not see how their way of life influenced and affected others. How much it must have distressed and saddened him, to see the Pharisees look for attention and distract people from the God about whom they appeared to speak!

In the first reading, Paul expresses his joy and contentment because the Thessalonians accepted God’s message with open hearts, unlike the Pharisees and scribes whom Jesus reprimands for their hypocrisy. The truth that our God knows us, as we are, should fill us with overwhelming gratitude. The heart of David crying out in Psalm 50, “My offenses truly I know them, my sin is always before me”, is a result of the experience of a merciful God. The same God describes David as “a man after my own heart” (1 Sam 13:14). Let us ask ourselves today: What has God to say about me? Who am I?


Response: O Lord, you search me and you know me.

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