28th AUGUST 2021

Using Your Talents – Adelaide Metro Church of Christ


Memorial of St Augustine, Bishop and Doctor of the Church


1 Thes 4:9-11;            Ps 98:1, 7-9;               Mt 25:14-30




As we hear the parable of the talents in today’s Gospel we are reminded of the famous quotation: “Life is God’s gift to us. What we do with it is our gift to God”. As the servants received talents in different measures, so too every human being receives talents or gifts in different and unique measures. “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded” (Lk 12:48). The first two servants utilised their talents, and multiplied them, thus benefiting the people, their master and themselves. On the other hand, the third servant did not bother to utilise the only talent that he had received.


Each day we experience the overflowing love of God; as well as his mercy, goodness, healing and blessings. These are the gifts that God constantly bestows over us along with the many other physical and spiritual talents that he blesses us with. But what are we doing with these gifts that God has showered on us? Are we like the first two servants who multiplied them, profiting people as well as the master or, are we like the third servant who never thought of benefiting the people and his master?


St. Paul in today’s first reading from the first letter to the Thessalonians says, “You have learnt from God to love one another”. We know that God loves us, therefore we too ought to love others; we need to forgive others as He forgives us; need to be good to all as He is always good to us. This is how we will be multiplying all that we receive from our Lord.


St. Augustine whom we remember today is a great example who after dedicating himself to the service of the Lord went on multiplying the gift of faith through his preaching, teaching, writings and his life. Let us pray that our lives may become a true gift to God at the evening of our life, that He may receive us in His Heavenly Kingdom.


Response: The Lord comes to judge the peoples with fairness.

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