1st SEPTEMBER 2021

Jesus Heals Many -Lk | Listen to God, Receive Grace


Memorial of St Teresa Margaret Redi, Virgin


Col 1: 1-8;           Ps 52: 10-11;              Lk 4: 38-44



In the Gospel today, we get a snapshot of the daily life of Jesus. The whole day is filled with various activities. However, we can divide them into three major ministries of Jesus.

  1. The healing ministry: In the few verses of today’s Gospel, we find many a healing miracle of Jesus. First, he cures the fever of Peter’s mother-in-law; then he cures the people afflicted with various sicknesses and diseases, by laying his hands on them, and delivers the possessed from the power of the demons.

  1. The teaching ministry: Jesus spent a huge amount of time teaching the people. God, the Father was the central theme of the preaching, through which he tried to correct the distorted image of his Father in the minds of people. The preaching ministry was so important to him that when the people were unwilling to let him go from their town, he said, “I must preach the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns as well; for I was sent for this purpose.”

  1. The prayer ministry: The Gospel also presents Jesus as a man of prayer. Early in the morning, Jesus spent time in a desolate place praying. The Gospel according to Luke, especially presents Jesus spending long hours in prayer in lonely or deserted places. Sometimes he spent whole nights in prayer; at other times, he got up early in the morning to pray.

Among these three activities of Jesus, most people longed for the first one, the healings and miracles; and some longed for his teaching. However, we do not find many interested in the prayer ministry of Jesus. We should never forget that Jesus gave utmost importance to his relationship with the Father, for that was the source of all his other activities. He made time to be alone with his Father. He could have communicated with the Father in crowded places, and even in his sleep. But if he found it necessary to go to desolate places or mountains to be alone with the Alone, how much more should we?

Response: I trust in the mercy of God, forever and ever.

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