15th SEPTEMBER 2021

Saint of the day: Our Lady of Sorrows


Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Sorrows


1 Tim 3:14-16;           Ps 111:1-6;                 Jn 19:25-27 or Lk 2:33-35



After having celebrated the triumph of the Cross, today the Church celebrates the memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Sorrows. This memorial draws our hearts towards Mary in compassion for the motherly suffering that she endured during the life of Jesus on earth.

From the day she pronounced her Fiat, she was associated with Jesus in his sufferings, through his life on earth. At the presentation of Jesus in the temple, Simeon had foretold that Jesus was destined for the fall and the rising of many in Israel, a sign that would be rejected; and that a sword would pierce Mary’s soul. Rightly so, after witnessing so many miracles that Jesus worked, the people, simple and open to grace like the tax collectors and the ostracized as sinners, accepted Jesus. However, the high priests, Pharisees and scribes rejected Jesus and tried to do away with him, ultimately conspiring to get him killed. Mary, a witness to all of this, accompanied her son in his suffering.

In all these sorrows Mary courageously and lovingly, with deep faith, said her Fiat. Mary was a partaker in the passion of her son. She is the perfect example of a true disciple, for she was always attentive to God’s Word, pondering it in her heart. Furthermore, she lovingly accepted all of us as her beloved children. Down through the centuries, she has been beside us, her suffering children, guiding us to Jesus on the cross and helping us to accept all the trials and sufferings with faith and love and hope.

Suffering for us sadness and despair. But the origin of Mary’s sufferings was love and this produced in her heart peace and joy. Though it might seem unbelievable to unite suffering with a profound joy, yet the heart of the Virgin Mary experienced it. When we surrender to Jesus with confidence and trust, Jesus will raise us from the depths of our sinful life.

Response: Great are the works of the Lord.

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