18th SEPTEMBER 2021

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1 Tim 6: 13-16;                   Ps 100: 1-5;                   Lk 8: 4-15




It is not that the world is divided into people belonging to the four categories of soil. Rather, all of us have moments when we are any one of them. Our receptivity to God’s word and grace varies from being as shallow as the edge of the path to as deep as the rich soil.


When am I like the edge of the road? Those moments when I participate in religious activities out of habit and routine, when well-known prayers come rattling off my lips without an effort made to even consider their meaning. Those moments when I pray the rosary and other devotions mechanically, to finish the ‘spiritual chore’ of the day. Those moments when I sit at Mass for the readings but listen not to a single word because I am just trying to get through the obligation. The edge of the road could be defined as those times when I am just not attentive at all.


When am I like the rock? Those moments when I am inspired by a sermon only to let the burden of the week’s responsibilities at home and at work squeeze out all enthusiasm to follow up on the inspiration. Those moments when, in passing, I see a poor man and am moved to do something good, only to be miserly in my charity, remembering all the ‘expenses’ I have myself. Those moments when I make resolutions only to give up after the first, second or third fall.


When am I like the thorny soil? Those moments when I am upset with God for not answering my prayer despite me being a good Christian. Those moments when I hesitate to give up something I like when God asks it of me. Those moments when I try to ignore inspirations to go beyond my ‘habitual’ Christian goodness to do something more radical, more sacrificial.


The parable of the Sower is a call to identify those moments of less receptivity and attentiveness and, if not eliminate them altogether, at least minimize them.


Response: Come before the Lord, singing for joy.

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