13th OCTOBER 2021

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Rom 2: 1-11; Ps 62: 2-3, 6-7, 9;                   Lk 11: 42-46




St Paul in the passage from his letter to Romans today gives us a wonderful glimpse on how and why we judge others. There is one thing which we all can admit and that is ‘we are all judgmental’ as it is a part of human nature. But the interesting fact is that because it is our nature, it necessarily need not be of help to us all the time. Paul addresses those who pharisaically believe themselves to be righteous and privileged to judge others. It is truly an illusion to believe that you are righteous and therefore are in a position to judge others. In external, material things it happens that if we see someone making a mistake, we have the impression that instead of him we would do better, even in things in which we may not be competent. This happens in the moral, spiritual field as well. Seeing an unfair action taken, we think that, in the same situation, we would do the right thing. But this is not true because we, with our faults, would perhaps avoid the mistake the person made but would make others.


Paul confronts those who judge with this reality of their own imperfection, saying: “You who judge, do the same things.” When we judge others, selfishness and pride separate us from them. Doing good consists in placing oneself with others, not in separating ourselves from them. He who pretends to be good and separates himself from others, for this very reason he is not good; on the contrary, he is more evil than the one who sins but places himself in humility and simplicity before God. Hence, Paul says: “You are inexcusable, you who judge others, because in judging them you condemn yourself.” We must all stand together before the mercy of God: it is the only way to salvation. It is necessary to accept the grace of God, which is offered to all; sinners and righteous must accept God’s grace together. We are all forgiven sinners and no one can separate himself from others by judging them if he wants to please God.


Response: O Lord, you repay each man according to his deeds.

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