15th OCTOBER 2021

Following the Breadcrumbs of St. Teresa of Avila - Little With Great Love


Memorial of Saint Teresa of Avila, Virgin and Doctor of the Church 


Rom 4: 1-8;                Ps 32: 1-2, 5, 11;                    Lk 12: 1-7




The whole theme of St Paul, especially in the letter to the Romans, is, ‘Faith alone puts us at right with God and brings us salvation’. In the first reading, Paul puts before us the example of Abraham’s faith. Abraham responded to God’s call and did what was humanly impossible. He put his faith in God, manifesting his obedience, trust and acceptance to the call. He trusted in the fidelity of God and in the assurance of his word and in his promise. For us in the New Testament, to believe is to accept Jesus Christ and his good news and thereby to change one’s heart.


Today’s Gospel reveals that Jesus desires to see in us, his followers, a total acceptance of the truth about ourselves. Whatever may be the challenges we face in life, what we truly are before God is what matters. We must accept the truth about ourselves and not try to appear before others better than what we really are; that is, we are called to be transparent, sincere, genuine. Jesus tells us to be fearless in the face of persecution in proclaiming the Gospel. God’s loving care for each one of us is great, and to respond to that love we must be ready to make any sacrifice.


Today we celebrate the feast of St Teresa of Avila – reformer and doctor of the Church. A woman of prayer, she reached the heights of the mystical experience. But she was also a practical, loving and approachable friend to all. She described prayer as an intimate friendship with God. First, she began by reforming herself from within and then tried to teach others to do the same. The whole teaching of Teresian spirituality is to go deeper into the soul where God dwells, in its very centre and to strive to grow in relationship with him there day by day surrendering our wills to his will. For this, Teresa recommends the practice of virtues without which one cannot grow in prayer


Response: You are a hiding place for me; you surround me with cries of deliverance.

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