1st MARCH 2022

Gospel of the Day: Mark 10:28-31



1 Pt 1: 10-16;             Ps 98: 1-4;                  Mk 10: 28-31




In the first reading, St Peter is writing to the exiles of the dispersion and assuring them of the sure hope of sharing in the glory of Jesus. They were suffering because of their faith in Christ and the apostle wanted to encourage them and sustain their hope. He says that their motive for rejoicing is their being chosen and sanctified through the suffering and death of Jesus and the promise of sharing in his Resurrection. The prophets of old had spoken of the salvation that had been promised. They waited with eager longing and hope for the fulfilment of that promise. In Jesus, that promise has been fulfilled. Through his death and resurrection, Jesus has won for us salvation and eternal glory. He has sent us the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us to live the new way of life in Christ.


We are all called to be holy even as our heavenly Father is holy. The Father loves and forgives; he sends rain and sun on the good and the bad. He loves us not because we are good but because he is good. He loved us so much that he sent his own son to redeem us and bring us back into his loving embrace. Among the disciples of Jesus, some are called to follow him more closely, to a life of greater perfection and holiness. Jesus invites them to renounce everything in order to become his intimate friends. They are to walk the path that he walked, carrying his cross, sharing his pains and humiliation, even u


nto death. But they are also assured of a far greater reward – of sharing in his glory forever. “What about us?” Peter asked Jesus. “We have left everything to follow you.” St John of the Cross tells us what he gained by giving up everything:

“Mine are the heavens, mine is the earth.

Mine are the peoples, just and sinners mine.

Mine are the angels, God’s own mother mine.

In Him You have given me, all things O Lord.”


Response: The Lord has made known his salvation

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