16th MARCH 2022

Jesus Came to Serve – Hillcrest Presbyterian Church



Jer 18: 18-20;                         Ps 31: 5-6, 14-16;                   Mt 20: 17-28




Worldly convention has it that anyone who is mighty and powerful demands be served, adored and praised. But Jesus’ teaching contrasts this worldly notion, inviting us instead to practise servant leadership. In the gospel, we see that as Jesus was speaking to his disciples of his impending suffering and death, the mother of James and John approaches Jesus, requesting him to make her sons his successors. Jesus uses this occasion to teach the disciples the meaning of servant leadership.


The logic of the Kingdom is contrary to the values and the logic of the world. While the world says that it is okay to make use of people and things for furthering one’s own interests, Jesus says that to realize one’s true worth and dignity, one needs to put oneself in the service of others. This kind of servant leadership has a tremendous power to transform the world. And this kind of leadership is born of love. Only when one loves his brothers and sisters, does he truly think of putting himself at their service. Love makes people do great things, sometimes even the most unimaginable things. Only when one loves does he strive to liberate himself from all attachments and selfish desires.


Therefore, if we consider the logic of Jesus, to love is to serve. When one is called to love, he or she is called to go beyond oneself, one’s aspirations, demands, desires, calculations and selfish motives. Going beyond oneself means forgetting oneself and putting the interests of others before our own. Jesus always taught how to be fully human by serving others. As a final act of service, he offered himself on the cross for us all.


How many times have we truly gone ‘beyond ourselves’ to help those in need, especially those in the periphery of society? This Lent, what can we do to imitate the Lord in his servant leadership?


Response: Save me, O Lord, in your merciful love.

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