23rd MARCH 2022

Matthew 5:17–19 (NKJV) - Matthew 5:17–19 NKJV - “Do not think that I… |  Biblia



Dt 4:1,5-9;                  Ps 147:12-13,15-16, 19-20;               Mt 5: 17-19




In the gospel passage of today, we hear Jesus proclaiming that he has come to “fulfil the law and the prophets.” He emphasises the act of ‘filling to the full’ that which is empty and void. Only that which is incomplete, insufficient or in want can be filled. Therefore, in John 10:10 Jesus says “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly”. Again, to give something to the full. Did the old law not bring about fulfilment? The old law, which we find in the early books of the Old Testament, was a preparation for the new law (presented in the books of the New Testament) established by Jesus through his preaching ministry, and more importantly, through his passion, death and resurrection. He gave himself to us to the full without holding anything back. And in giving himself, he made us full.


Surrounded by the noisy and distracting world, we are sucked into its attractions and fantasies. Every now and then discoveries and inventions of science and technology that create an illusion of ‘filling our life’, of giving us fulfilment, of being the answer to our problems, of satisfying our existential yearning. These shallow man-made creations merely satisfy or ‘fill’ to a certain extent our bodily desires; they can never pierce the surface to touch the depths of our being.


Therefore, the Church time and again through its teaching, keeps cautioning us against the enticing yet enslaving secular mindset that sets us on an unending quest to possess the things of this world with the delusion that they will solve all our problems and bring joy and fulfilment to life. Only in Christ can we find true fulfilment and rest. By our own merits we are unable to keep the law / commandments; with Jesus in us, we have the strength and understanding to obey. Let us then dedicate our thoughts and energies to trying to know him, to love him more and to serve him in whatever way we can, that we may find ourselves filled with the life he offers us.


Response: O Jerusalem, glorify the Lord!

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