7th APRIL 2022

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Gn 17: 3-9;                 Ps 105: 4-9;                Jn 8: 51-59



The scribes and the Pharisees were confused when Jesus said, “Before Abraham was I am.” He was telling them that he cannot be bound by the constraints of time. Jesus was with the Father from eternity even before the beginning of creation (Jn 1:1). Jesus continues to be one with the Father whilst accomplishing his mission of salvation. He will continue to be with the Father even beyond the end of time. He always was. He is and will always be the Son of God.

It was a difficult concept for the scribes to understand. A similar difficulty is experienced today by many of us, in grasping the concept of eternal life. The Jews could not understand how the power and authority of Jesus could override the role of their prominent leaders whose influence was limited to a certain period of time and was specific to a certain situation only. The mission of Jesus began before the beginning of creation and continues even today, and will go on into eternity. All we have to do is believe in Jesus to receive the gift of eternal life in God’s heavenly kingdom.

God’s covenant with Abraham was that he would have countless descendants and a new kingdom. We are aware that the covenant that Jesus has with us is to lead us back to the Father’s eternal kingdom of love. This is the new covenant that he has sealed with his own blood by dying on the cross for our sins. How must we respond? By trying not to offend him, by always doing what is pleasing to him, by sharing God’s love with our neighbours, at our place of work, and with our family members as well, allowing God’s spirit to guide us along the way. More importantly, we must approach him constantly in prayer with an attentive heart, a discerning mind and a humble disposition. It is only then that we shall come to recognize him, to understand his message and trust in his saving grace.

Response: The Lord remembers his covenant forever.

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