11th APRIL 2022

Smells Like Love - John 12:1-8



Is 42: 1-7;                   Ps 27: 1-3, 13-14;                   Jn 12: 1-11


We have entered into the holiest week of the Liturgical year during which we reflect on Jesus’ condemnation to death on the cross, culminating in the mystery of the resurrection. In taking upon himself human nature, Jesus chose to take upon himself, as well, the burden of our sins and wrongdoings. Humanity sinned and disobeyed, but he forgave and saved. For this, we must always thank and glorify him.

The first reading tells us about the work of God’s Servant. Isaiah, centuries before Christ, described how he, being God’s chosen one, would dedicate his life to bring justice and freedom. Jesus accomplishes this mission through the sacrifice of his own life. In today’s Gospel, we are reminded of the great miracle of the raising of Lazarus from the dead, and his sister Mary’s expression of immense love and gratitude. Casting aside the fears of ridicule and the opinion of others, as well as the way of thinking of the kind seen in Judas, she went forth and anointed the feet of the Lord with a very expensive perfume and wiped them with her hair. In this simple act performed within the four walls of her own home, Mary shows all of us how we must thank and glorify God – with hesitation or apprehension, but with humility and sincere love, not holding back anything, but giving him the best of ourselves.

As we reflect these days on what the Lord has done for us, let us also reflect on how much we are ready to do for him. Let us examine ourselves: Am I grateful enough to Jesus? How do I express my love and gratitude? Am I ready to give him anything he asks for without hesitation, as he gave his life for me without hesitation? Or am I still holding something back from him? Do my penitential practices, sacrifices and offerings, give glory to God or are they just ritualistic performances? Is my participation in the commemoration of these holy mysteries an act of genuine love?

Response: The Lord is my light and my salvation.

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