12th APRIL 2022

Seeing past the schemes of men | Catholic Man Night



Is 49: 1-6;                   Ps 71: 1-6, 15, 17;                  Jn 13: 21-33, 36-38




All four evangelists tell us that one of the apostles was about to betray him. Judas was well aware of whom he was speaking, though the rest were not. However, this moment finds its roots right before Jesus ever began his public ministry. After his baptism, the Spirit led Jesus into the desert where Satan tried to tempt him into abandoning his allegiance to God. When his efforts failed, Scripture says that Satan “departed from Jesus for a time” or better “until the time” or “until an opportune time” (Lk 4:13). Now that ‘time’ had come (Jn 13:27), when Satan entered into Judas, moving him to approach the chief priests with his offer to betray his Master.

After receiving the piece of bread, Judas immediately went out. “And it was night.” This is not simply a description of the time of day; it is a stark image of the gloom of sin and rejection. Judas walked into the darkness – away from Jesus, the true light which the darkness cannot overcome. He will die in misery, in pride so stiff-necked that it selects the misery of damnation rather than the mercy, compassion and happiness offered by a loving God. Do we absolve him of this action and blame Satan instead? “Satan entered Judas” is not a demonic possession. Jesus built his ministry on casting demons out of unwilling victims. But you can’t cast out demons from a person who wants them there; that would require a violation of the will.

Betrayal is painful. It could be one of the most hurting experiences in life; especially if the person who betrayed you was someone you loved and trusted. We can anticipate the experience of Jesus’ betrayal when we too are broken by betrayal, deceitfulness, infidelity and dishonesty. No matter what we experience in life, Jesus has trod the path before us. He loves us and longs to walk with us and invites us to trust in the Father’s overarching goodness, which alone can transform disaster into life.

Response: My mouth will tell of your salvation, Lord

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