13th APRIL 2022

Daily RCL Bible Reading Devotional – March 16th, 2016 – Dust Off The Bible



Is 50: 4-9;                   Ps 69: 8-10,21-22,31,33-34;              Mt 26: 14-25



There is a big difference between the betrayal of Judas and that of Peter. The latter’s betrayal was because of fear; perhaps until then, the reality of the passion that Jesus had been speaking about hadn’t struck Peter. Yet, he loved the Lord, albeit imperfectly. That is why he was able to repent and return to him.

However, it seems that Judas did not love the Lord. Although he was in his company day and night, Judas did not build up a personal relationship with the Lord. In his gospel, John describes him as a thief. For Judas, Jesus had become merely an excuse to seek after his own interests. It can happen to any of us. I could be a priest living in the house of the Lord, or someone who works for the church and spends hours in its service. However, before the Lord, our motives count – whether a genuine love, stemming from a deep personal relationship with him, or selfish interests like popularity, praise, security, etc. In the case of the latter, it becomes easier to betray the Lord and his Church when our interests are at stake. The lack of love and a personal relationship with Jesus led Judas into a lack of trust. Without a doubt, the Lord would have embraced Judas with forgiveness. But Judas did not love enough to trust in the mercy of the Lord, for he did not know him.

It is interesting to think that, among all the disciples, John alone was able to stand at the foot of the cross, beside the Lord till the end. Like the others, he too had run away in fear when Jesus was arrested in the garden. But it seems that he ran to Mary, and it is she who strengthened him to stand with her at the foot of the cross. Thus, when we find ourselves tempted to betray the Lord, to be unfaithful to him, let us run to our blessed mother; she will give us courage and strength to stand firmly beneath the cross of her Son.

Response: In your great mercy, answer me, O Lord, for a time of your favour.

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