19th APRIL 2022



Acts 2: 36-41;                         Ps 33: 4-5, 18-20, 22;                         Jn 20: 11-18


Today, we find Mary outside Jesus’ tomb, weeping. While it was still dark, she had come to the tomb. Why did she do so?

Mary was blinded by love. St John observes that “they did not know the scripture, that he must rise from the dead” (Jn 20:9). Because the reality of the Resurrection had not yet entered into the mind, and much less the heart, Mary stayed weeping outside the tomb. However, we must admire her love, imitate her love, want what she wanted – to be with her Lord, always. May our love for the Lord give us the same fortitude that Mary showed at the tomb.

Mary was sad, since they had taken her love away. The sorrows of her life were mean and pitiful. The world had looked at her only with contempt and selfishness. But her Beloved had seen her differently and loved her differently. Now, the love that had restored her to life was lying in a tomb. Her heart was already heavy with grief and horror after having witnessed her Lord being beaten and crucified. With all these thoughts welling up in her mind, she came as soon as she could to the tomb only to find it empty. Feel the depths of her despair as she cried: “They have taken my Lord away, and I don’t know where they have put him.” It is the Lord himself who put the turmoil in her to rest, calling her by name, and helping her recognize his presence beside her.

At times, we too have been desperate to find Jesus and experience his presence and care. However, in such times as these, desiring that we not cling to him, stands just out of our line of sight, or comes to us in unrecognizable ways. It is in moments like these that our trust in his love for us is tested. It is in moments like these that we must not descend into despairing thoughts, but believe that he will do what is best for us.

Response: His merciful love fills the earth.

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