30th APRIL 2022



Acts 6: 1-7;                 Ps 33: 1-2, 4-5, 18-19;                       Jn 6: 16-21



The gospel passage of today is quite a familiar one – the storm at the sea. As evening drew near, the disciples went down to the shore and got in their boat to cross over to Capernaum. It was dusk and before long, it would be dark. The disciples were anxious to get to Capernaum. As they began rowing, the skies grew increasingly cloudy and threatening. And the wind kept getting stronger. After they had rowed several miles, they saw a figure approaching them.

How could this be? And what they saw, the disciples could not believe. The figure was walking on the water! Was this real or were they imagining it? No one can walk on water. That is impossible! Who could it be? They were very afraid. As Jesus approached the boat, he simply said to them: “Do not be afraid.” Clearly, his words did not dispel their fears. Was it a ghost or an evil spirit that they were seeing and hearing? Yet, this figure looked like their Master and his voice sounded like his too. Once again Jesus spoke to them: “It is I. There is no need to fear.”

Are we not often like these disciples in the midst of the storm, when we experience darkness and adversity, confusion and chaos? While the Lord may at times seem distant, he nonetheless is constantly present. The scriptures remind us that the Lord is “a very present help in times of trouble” (cf. Ps 46:1). Whatever storms may affect us, the Lord keeps watch over us at all times, and especially in our moments of temptation and difficulty. Do we rely on the Lord for his strength and help? Jesus assures us that we have no need to fear; we just need to trust in him and in his great love for us. When difficulties or trials threaten to overpower us, how do we respond? With faith in God’s love for us? Or with fear, despair and doubt?

Response: May your merciful love be upon us, as we hope in you, O Lord.

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