6th May 2022

Fr. Humberto's Blog: Friday of the Third Week of Easter



Acts 9: 1-20;               Ps 117: 1-2;                Jn 6: 52-59



In the gospel passage of today, Christ welcomes all who come to him; all nations participate in the food offered by him. He says that whoever eats of his flesh and drinks his blood becomes one with him. But the Jews misunderstand him. Christ is speaking of a spiritual drinking and eating. We have no spiritual life in us without a desire for Christ. Our soul should hunger and thirst for him in order to live. Our soul is dead without a spiritual life derived from Christ by faith. By faith we have a close and intimate union with Christ; he is in us and we in him. We will live eternally in him, as true believers have divine life in Christ through faith.

Today’s first reading, tells us about Saul’s miraculous conversion, which became a great blessing to the Church. He, who was ordained to be the apostle to the gentiles, was converted to faith in Christ in a gentile country (Damascus). From then on, his soul desired the supreme Good. He sought earnestly to be instructed by Jesus. There was a thirst and hunger, that which Jesus speaks of in the gospel today. Saul received grace and in him began a life in the Spirit. Grace enkindled in him the desire to do the will of Christ, to which he submitted himself in full. The Lord began a good work in Saul. He offered himself to Saul and Saul embraced him in faith, becoming a changed man.

The Lord brings souls into fellowship with himself by manifesting himself to them. But this intimate union of the soul with him doesn’t happen without suffering. Saul, who became Paul, suffered much for the name of Jesus. But he did so willingly because he was delivered from the spirit of bondage and was given new life in Christ. Like his life was founded on the faith that opened the eyes of his soul to the promise of eternal life, may by faith in Jesus Christ we might receive his gift of everlasting life.

Response: Go into all the world, and proclaim the Gospel.

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