31st May 2022

Feast of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary



Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Zep 3: 14-18/Rom 12: 9-16;             Is 12: 2-6;                   Lk 1: 39-56


Could we too live in one mind and heart, as described of the early Christian community in the Acts of the Apostles? The real challenge to living this unity arises when one is confronted with personal benefits over the community’s needs. Indeed, blessed is he who has imbibed the spirit of selfless service before God.

In the first reading, we have prophet Zephaniah proclaiming God’s goodness among the people of Israel and asking them to confide their trust in the Great One present in their midst. The love of God for bringing his own people close to him is manifested in the great deeds done by him; the positive and universal outlook of God is highly visible despite the people’s infidelity to him.

We, who are heirs of the kingdom and have embarked on this spiritual journey, are called to do the same – to consider ourselves part of a universal family. This is when we begin to grow in our relationship with one another after the example of our Blessed Mother. The feast that we celebrate today – the feast of the Visitation – tells us how Mary went out of her way to serve her elder cousin Elizabeth in her time of need. This was possible only because she had a positive universal approach and saw the need of others more than herself.

We, in our day-to-day lives, are called to be more sensitive to the needs of others. This sensitivity is nurtured by prayer, personal reflection and examination of conscience, and a meditation on the word of God especially on the life of Christ, so as learn to do what he did. This determination towards cultivating an attitude of selfless service also requires a strong will to say no to self. May Mary be our model and our guide in our endeavour to live our lives in imitation of Christ.

Response: Great in your midst is the Holy One of Israel.

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