7th June 2022

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1 Kgs 17: 7-16;                      Ps 4: 2-5, 7-8;                         Mt 5: 13-16




We are returning to the ordinary time of the year after a long break of Lent and Easter. Today’s Gospel passage must motivate every individual to focus our attention on Jesus’ teaching on the beatitudes. Describing holiness in his apostolic exhortation, Gaudete et Exsultate, Pope uses the simple words of Jesus in the Beatitudes: ‘happy’ and ‘blessed’ to explain holiness. Today’s Gospel uses two words that also point to the holiness required of us: ‘light’ & ‘salt’ of the earth.


Salt preserves and helps Christians to preserve what is good in culture. In the ancient world, salt was very valuable, the Greeks thought it contained something almost divine, and the Romans sometimes paid their soldiers with salt. We have to observe that salt has an effective aspect in contact with the meat or fish where it preserves them for a longer time. To be also effective like salt, we must be involved where we work and where we live. In Mt 5:10-12, Jesus acknowledged the reality of persecution. But in our contact with the people, we must retain our saltiness and distinctiveness. It’s a balancing act we are called upon to maintain.


‘You are the light of the world’. Every Christian is not only to maintain personal holiness, but also to touch the lives of those around us. At work, we touch the lives of many people who do not encounter Christ in Church. It may be our mission place to witness to Christ. But we must be careful, how we witness Christ at work. We are being paid to do our work, and we would be dishonest to our employers by using work time for evangelism. Moreover, it would be dishonourable to create divisions at work or a hostile environment for non-believers. We must avoid any possible fault seeking, self-promotion by preaching. We always run the risk that our failings at work may bring shame on the name of Christ, especially if we seem to be enthusiastic about evangelism but lazy in actual work.


Response: Lift up the light of your face on us, O Lord.  

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