10th June 2022

Lust? Don't Look, Don't touch! - Friday- 10th Week in ordinary time-Matthew  5: 27-32



1 Kgs 19: 9, 11-16;                Ps 27: 7-9, 13-14;                   Mt 5: 27-32




Jesus gives today in the gospel a teaching on holiness. However, some of his teaching can be uncomfortable for some of us to talk about, particularly lust and divorce. Many do not like to address these issues. Yet, Jesus talks about them, and so must we. There are three ways in which we sin.


  1. We sin with our thoughts (v. 27-28): Jesus tells us six times in the sermon on the mount discourse, You have heard that it was said… but I say… He’s not disagreeing with the law, He’s clarifying the law; He’s showing us how to fulfill the law correctly. Jesus is making it clear again and again, that’s it not just the action that is sinful, but the thought also. Holiness and being like Jesus involves much more than us just following a list of rules. Adultery is not just a physical act. We must be careful about what we look at and what we think about.


  1. We sin with our actions (v. 29-30): Jesus is serious about us doing whatever we can to avoid sin, cutting off the hand and plucking of the eye that sins. Jesus is trying to catch our attention and make this point: We must take sin seriously., taking extreme measures to rid ourselves of sin and pursue holiness. Many of us have relaxed view of sin. We need to take action to avoid sin and take steps to be holy.


  1. We sin in our relationships (v. 31-32): Jesus dwells explicitly on divorce. Some of us are sensitive with the topic of divorce, but we must not ignore it. Many of the Jewish people of Jesus’ day thought that divorce wasn’t a big deal. In fact, there were some schools of rabbis that were teaching that divorce was never allowed except for marital unfaithfulness, and there were rabbis who taught that you could divorce your wife for any reason, even if she burns your food. Jesus says we must take the marriage covenant seriously, taking steps to protect it than break it, for it is God’s intention from the beginning to uphold it. Let us avoid sin and grow in holiness.


Response: It is your face, O Lord, that I seek.

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