11th June 2022





Acts 11:21-26;13:1-3;                        Ps 98:1-6;                   Mt 10:7-13/Mt 5:33-37




Today we remember the Apostle Barnabas, who remained a faithful witness to the truth. He preached the gospel and many believed and joined the early church. Barnabas was guided by the Holy Spirit, and he responded well to divine advocate. His ministry yielded more fruits because everything was done for the Glory of God. We all Christians are good and filled with the Holy Spirit when we work for the glory of God, when we use our God given faith there will be miracles, signs and wonders that will take place even today among us. What is needed is our commitment towards the Holy Eucharist, fasting, prayer, sharing of our possessions and community fellowship, so that everyone can see the Holy Spirit working as we teach, preach and live the life according to the word of God.


The Responsorial Psalm today reminds us that when we are with Holy Spirit we will be able to pray better and sing and worship God because we do not depend on our own strength but God’s. We see that God is ever present to help us all the time. We have already tasted the goodness of God. We praise and rejoice in His goodness. That is how we show our gratitude to God who loves us.


Today’s Gospel reading tells us about evangelization that brings people closer to God the Father. God wants us to be simple; to do little things with great love. We are asked to give Jesus to others by our exemplary life. We must go out of our comfort zone to reach out to others by being servant of all. When we do that people will appreciate us and they will come to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Even if the world may treat us badly, we should continue being kind, that is what Jesus taught us and how the disciples fulfilled the God given charism to them. Let us ask God to give us the grace to continue to spread the good news of the kingdom of God to the whole world.


Response: The Lord has shown his deliverance to the nations.

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