2nd AUGUST 2022

Matthew 14:22–36 (ESV) - Matthew 14:22–36 ESV - Immediately he made… |  Biblia



Jer 30:-2,12-15,18-22;                       Ps 102:16-23,29;                    Mt 14:22-36


After Jesus had fed the five thousand, he sent his disciples away in a boat. At every celebration of the Holy Eucharist, we partake of Christ’s body and blood and are sent to the world. Jesus leads us further in our life’s journey to face the situations that lie ahead of us.

All of God’s children embark with Christ on a life that is filled with dangerous storms, attacks from evil spirits and temptations of the flesh. The boat sailing on the sea signifies the struggles of the Christian life. Endangered by the wind and fierce waves of life, God’s people are awakened and realize their helplessness. They call upon the Lord for salvation and inner peace. “Take heart it is I; have no fear.” The reassurance that Jesus gives to the disciples is also an act of self-revelation. He manifests his power over the laws of nature and claims for himself a divine identity and authority.

The experience of the divinity and power of Jesus helps us to walk through the trials of life. However, when like Peter we shift our attention from Jesus and focus on the wind and we begin to sink. This wind or trial tests our faith. Sinking is not a failure when we humbly acknowledge our weakness and call on the Lord. The compassionate hand of Jesus always lifts us from our misery.

“Man of little faith, why did you doubt?” This is not a reproach from our loving Savior but an invitation to grow deeper in our faith. These firm words are meant to help us to grow from childhood to mature manhood to face the trials of life with firm faith in the Lord. A stronger experience of Jesus’ power and mercy inclines the human spirit to worship him as the true Son of God. A true experience of God cannot be contained in one’s own self. It has the power to reach out to others directly or indirectly by way of life that one leads.

Response: The Lord shall build up Sion, he will appear in all his glory

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