3rd AUGUST 2022

Matthew 15:21-28: A Reflection on the Canaanite Faith | Becoming Christians



Jer 31: 1-7;                 Jer 31: 10-13;                         Mt 15: 21-28




The first reading highlights Jeremiah’s oracle which promises salvation for the scattered remnant of Israel calling them to return from exile and to have a joyful homecoming. The story of the Canaanite woman in the gospel invites us to examine our attitude when we are confronted with spiritual storms in our lives. Here we find a woman presenting her request to Jesus in total faith for the healing of her daughter. But, what was the response of Jesus? He did not respond to her. Surely, any other woman would have left in despair being disappointed. But this woman’s deep faith makes her call out, Lord, help me. She repeats her request with more zeal and urgency and waits in faith believing that Jesus will work a miracle for her.


Jesus saw her faith, granted her request and healed her daughter at that very hour. Her’ s was a great faith that called Jesus “Lord” or “Master”. Her faith caused her to come on behalf of her daughter. Against all odds, even when it appeared that she was being ignored and even insulted, she trusted, believed and put her hope in Jesus. Her strong faith infused in her firm hope that He would have mercy and heal her daughter and made Jesus perform the miracle.


Every time we pray for something, the answer is already on its way before we even ask God. We just need to trust God’s time that He will answer us according to His will and purpose. It is at times such as these, against all odds that Jesus calls us to trust, believe and Hope in Him. Let us learn from the Canaanite woman who refused to be discouraged, who had complete trust, faith and confidence in the power of Jesus.


When we are confronted with insurmountable problems, what should be our attitude? Do we have the faith to trust God with all our hearts that His purpose will be fulfilled in our lives?


Response: The Lord will keep us, as a shepherd keeps his flock.

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