4th AUGUST 2022

New Covenant | Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts



Memorial of St John Mary Vianney, Priest


Jer 31: 31-34;                         Ps 51:12-15,18-19;                 Mt 16: 13-23




Jesus is doing a new thing in our world, in our church, in our families and in our life. Jeremiah prophesied that a new covenant (Jer 31:31) will be given to us through our saviour. He says that this covenant will be written upon the hearts of His people and each believer will know the Lord directly. This is the Lord’s doing. When Jesus asks his disciples what others think about him, they tell him that there are various speculations like He could be John the Baptist, Elijah or Jeremiah. But Peter confesses Jesus as the Son of God and the Christ. Jesus says that this revelation comes directly from the Father. The passage shows that only those close to Jesus and the Father recognize him. Everyone else is only speculating, they do not know him. The new covenant is being ushered in through this revelation. The disciples are beginning to know God directly and personally.

Do we know Jesus in a personal way? Has he written his law upon our heart? Observing Jesus from a distance and not getting close to him only makes us speculate and make incorrect judgments like in the Gospel. Only a close and personal connection with Jesus will allow us to know him and receive his anointing. Jesus then reveals to the disciples the part they play in the Kingdom of God being established on earth. The Lord is giving his disciples the power to participate in the renewal work of God.

Today is the feast of John Mary Vianney, the patron of priests. Jesus gives Peter the keys to the kingdom as a special vocation. He institutes and calls Peter to the special vocation of priesthood. May more of us heed this call to the special vocation of priests and religious. But the new covenant is not meant just for the priestly vocation, but for each person who believes in Jesus. The Lord alone delivers and transforms but each one of us participates in the work of building His Kingdom by Jesus’ anointing and commission.

Response: Create a pure heart for me, O God

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