4th JANUARY 2023

Venid y lo veréis. Hemos encontrado al Mesías" - Evangelio - COPE



1 Jn 3: 7-10;               Ps 98: 1, 7-9;              Jn 1: 35-42



In the Gospel today, John the Baptist calls Jesus the Lamb of God and thus signifies Jesus’ mission as the One who redeems us from our sins. The blood of the Passover Lamb (Ex 12) delivered the Israelites in Egypt from death. The blood of Jesus, the true Passover Lamb (1 Cor 5:7), delivers us from everlasting death and destruction. It is significant that John was the son of a priest, Zachariah, he saw in Jesus, the true and only sacrifice which can deliver us from sin.

How did John know the true identity of Jesus, as the Messiah? The Holy Spirit revealed to John Jesus’ true nature, such that John bore witness that this is the Son of God. How can we be certain that Jesus is truly the Christ, the Son of God? The Holy Spirit makes Christ known to us through the gift of faith. God gives us freely of his Spirit that we may understand the great mystery and plan of God to unite all things in his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

John in his characteristic humility was eager to point beyond himself to the Christ. He did not hesitate to direct his disciples to the Lord Jesus. When two of John’s disciples began to seek Jesus out, Jesus took the initiative to invite them into his company. He did not wait for them to get his attention. Instead, he met them halfway. He asked them one of the most fundamental questions of life: “What are you looking for?” Jesus asks each of us the same question: “What’s the goal of your life? What are you trying to get out of life?”

Today, Jesus invites each of us to “come and see” for ourselves that his word is true and everlasting. “Come and see” is God’s invitation for fellowship and communion with the One who made us in love for love. It is God who initiates and who draws us to himself. Without his grace, mercy, and help we cannot not find him.

Response: All the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our God.

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